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Greg Saulmon is a writer, editor and photographer living in downtown Holyoke, Massachusetts.

Immature red-tailed hawk on Sargeant Street

I like to take different routes to work because I feel like it invites discovery. On Wednesday morning I decided to take a spin by the old Parsons Paper Mill site on Sargeant Street. Nearly a decade after a fire destroyed much of the mill, a neighboring business is expanding onto the site. The tangle of brick and machine left…


Redstarts in Pulaski Park

A walk through Pulask Park this afternoon turned up another spring and summer regular: American redstarts. There were a number of females today, flitting between low brush at the edge of the park and a maple tree along one of the walkways. The females were very vocal, but the only male I spotted was way at the back of the…

Barn swallow, second-level canal

Spring sightings in Holyoke: Warblers, towhee and more

The last week brought a few new spring arrivals to the city, including two species I haven’t seen downtown before: a chestnut-sided warbler in Pulaski Park and a barn swallow mingling with tree and northern rough-winged swallows over the second-level canal near Lyman Street. Also in Pulaski Park this week was an eastern towhee — a bird I’ve only seen…

Red-tailed hawk in Heritage State Park, May 12, 2016.

The hawks are downtown, but where is their nest?

Holyoke’s resident downtown red-tailed hawks are still in the neighborhood — but, well into the nesting season, I still haven’t found this year’s nest. They spent the past two years on a fire escape at High and Dwight streets. In 2013, they nested at Open Square. And, in 2012, it was another fire escape, at Dwight and Race streets. This…

Red-bellied and hairy woodpeckers, Sycamore Street, Holyoke.

Woodpeckers on a frigid afternoon

I headed out to the Forestdale Cemetery in Holyoke this afternoon to see if any owls are hanging around there this winter. The cemetery gates were already closed to vehicles when I arrived, so I parked on a nearby side street and planned to take a stroll around the grounds. I didn’t get very far. As I got out of…


Audubon Magazine asked for permission to use one of my photographs of the Springfield crow roost for a blog post accompanying a BirdNote podcast: “Where Crows Go at Night” »