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Greg Saulmon is a writer, editor and photographer living in downtown Holyoke, Massachusetts.


Audubon Magazine asked for permission to use one of my photographs of the Springfield crow roost for a blog post accompanying a BirdNote podcast: “Where Crows Go at Night” »

Urban birding in Manchester, New Hampshire

With a little time to kill while visiting Manchester, New Hampshire, I figured I’d see what birds I could find downtown and in one of the city’s large parks. Along the Merrimack River downtown, a group of Cedar Waxwings were feeding on insects. Over in Livingston Park, the fall warbler migration seemed to be in full swing. A few photos…

Later summer, low water: Shorebirds on the Connecticut River in Holyoke

In late summer the water levels on the Connecticut River in Holyoke drop, creating shallow pools, sandbars and long stretches of usually submerged rocky areas. Like clockwork, it becomes a habitat teeming with birds — some familiar in the city, like Great Blue Herons and Killdeer, and some making cameo appearances, such as sandpipers and other shorebirds. Below, some photos…

So far, so good for Holyoke’s kestrel, hawk fledglings

The fledgling from the Red-tailed Hawk nest continues to fly high in the neighborhood; above, in flight from the Victory Theater to the Holyoke House building this week. And, this morning I discovered that the American Kestrel brood fledged since my last check-in with them. I found four fledglings this morning, flying back and forth from the edge of Pulaski…