New American Kestrel nest in downtown Holyoke

American Kestrel, April 11, 2015 There appears to be a new American Kestrel nest in downtown Holyoke.

Well, new to me, at least.

It’s hard to say whether the nest I found near the canals on Lyman Street today is in its first year of occupancy, or if it has just escaped my notice until now. And is the male and female pair I saw today the same pair that used to live over near Cabot Street, or has a new pair arrived in the city?

I haven’t seen activity at the other nest so far this year, but I also have only made a few checks. For now, it’ll be a matter of trying to keep an eye on both locations.

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  1. derek allard
    April 13, 2015 at 8:53 am

    Good to see this. At Arcadia I’ve seen a lot more American Kestral’s than usual, which is a good sign. Great bird!

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