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Peregrine falcon on Front Street

Received a message in December that a peregrine falcon has been spending a lot of time around Open Square.

On a weekend morning in early January I took a spin through my old neighborhood on my way to run an errand. It didn’t take long to find the falcon, feasting on a pigeon on top of a building on Front Street.

I didn’t have my ideal photo equipment in my truck. But, I did have a camera body and a 200mm lens — with some significant cropping, that was good enough to document the sighting.

Immature red-tailed hawk on Sargeant Street

I like to take different routes to work because I feel like it invites discovery. On Wednesday morning I decided to take a spin by the old Parsons Paper Mill site on Sargeant Street. Nearly a decade after a fire destroyed much of the mill, a neighboring business is expanding onto the site. The tangle of brick and machine left…

Woodpeckers on a frigid afternoon

I headed out to the Forestdale Cemetery in Holyoke this afternoon to see if any owls are hanging around there this winter. The cemetery gates were already closed to vehicles when I arrived, so I parked on a nearby side street and planned to take a stroll around the grounds. I didn’t get very far. As I got out of…

Eastern Towhee in Heritage State Park

As much as I grow attached to the neighborhood regulars — the Red-tailed Hawks, the Canada Geese, the American Kestrels — it’s always exciting to see a new bird in the city. The Eastern Towhee above is the first I’ve seen in Holyoke. It flew into a tree right in front of me at the end of an afternoon of…