Spring migration 2014: Warblers in Holyoke’s Pulaski Park

As I left the gym in Northampton Monday morning I noticed a number of small birds flitting about in the woods at the edge of the parking lot; they were Yellow-rumped Warblers, reminding me that it was time to start making more regular visits to Holyoke’s Pulaski Park.

A strip of woodland separates the park from the Connecticut River, and that wooded border of the park is often flush with warbler species this time of year.

I took a walk through the park this afternoon, and it wasn’t long before I found a group of about a half-dozen Yellow-rumped Warblers feeding in the canopy of a tree. Nearby, in the northern corner of the park, I found the Black-and-white Warbler above (this is the same spot where I found another Black-and-white Warbler on April 29, 2013).

Other spring arrivals made appearances in the park today, too, including an American Redstart; a Yellow Warbler; several Warbling Vireos; and a Gray Catbird.

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